A new Code Snippets manager for OSX

We all have those little code snippets scattered around. Maybe you’ve used some app to manage them, maybe not.

Today we welcome our latest app, dedicated to managing code snippets in the right way: it’s called Code Snippet.




Available on the Mac App Store, Code Snippet features a powerful code editor built-in, which can recognize 120 different languages and syntaxes. Here’s the full list:

abap, actionscript, ada, apache_conf, applescript, asciidoc, assembly_x86, autohotkey, batchfile, c_cpp, c9search, cirru, clojure, cobol, coffee, coldfusion, csharp, css, curly, d, dart, diff, django, dockerfile, dot, eiffel, ejs, elixir, elm, erlang, forth, ftl, gcode, gherkin, gitignore, glsl, golang, groovy, haml, handlebars, haskell, haxe, html_ruby, html, ini, io, jack, jade, java, javascript, json, jsoniq, jsp, jsx, julia, latex, less, liquid, lisp, livescript, logiql, lsl, lua, luapage, lucene, makefile, markdown, mask, matlab, mel, mushcode, mysql, nix, objectivec, ocaml, pascal, perl, pgsql, php, plain_text, powershell, praat, prolog, properties, protobuf, python, r, rdoc, rhtml, ruby, rust, sass, scad, scala, scheme, scss, sh, sjs, smarty, snippets, soy_template, space, sql, stylus, svg, tcl, tex, text, textile, toml, twig, typescript, vala, vbscript, velocity, verilog, vhdl, xml, xquery, yaml

For each of these languages the editor shows you autocompletion and code suggestions, so you might also detect those missing semicolons in your snippets.

Additionally, we have included 32 different themes so you can show your snippets in your favorite color scheme.


Manage all your device details on your Mac

We all have half a dozen devices in our house. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and maybe in the future smart watches. Too much to track, and there are many useful things to store about each device, in an organized place, that will come useful for example when you decide to sell them, or if you have to call the assistance or bring them to the shop and you don’t remember if you are still under a warranty.

Devices, our new app, is made for this.

icon 2256pt@2x

Available on the Mac App Store, Devices is amazingly simple. Check out these three screenshots:

Slice 9 Slice 7Slice 8

You can see, it’s a very simple and intuitive interface. You can add your own devices, add a picture, enter the dates when you bought, and when the warranty will end, and the place where you bought it.

All essential information when you need it.

And of course there’s an open text section where you can add your detailed notes or upgrade information.