It’s better to have competitors

Most of the time the products we make have competitors. If we enter a market with no competitors, maybe there’s no market after all (I’ll let you try). A good market has strong competitors, and most of the times those competitors have pretty strong products that do lots of things.

To find your way on the market it’s a good strategy to remove the fuss, focus on the essential. Maybe the users of the competitors products find them difficult to use, cumbersome and full of unused stuff.

Maybe they just need a simpler way to do their job, and it’s your product that can help them.

Your competitors might think they’ve saturated the market by providing all the user can need within the app, who needs an alternative?

AppsĀ like Clear, the to-do app by Clearmac, really put these things in perspective. There are TONS of todo apps. Yet the succeed with a super-simple, minimal app, yet a big success.

Let’s make Clear-level apps our goal.

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