Lists lists lists

I used to keep a list of everything.

Just in case.

Even old projects still deserved a little spot in the TODO app of the moment, just to in case I’d revamp them after some time.

I happen to forget everything after a couple of weeks, like if my own memory was a FIFO queue and after some time all the things memorized in the past get thrown away because there’s no space for newer things.

That’s why I keep lists, after all.

Now from time to time I review all the projects in limbo state and decide what to do with them. If it’s not worth it, kill it forever. Don’t keep any reference to it. Not even “just in case”.

There are so many ideas that seem great for one day or two, then disappear into oblivion when there’s a new shiny idea. Talking about little side projects, of course.

Until one side projects grows so big and gets people to use it, we’re always in time for something that looks better.

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