Small is agile. Agile is survival.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get into the ‘agile movement’ argument, nor share my opinion about that.

The title means this: if you’re small, you’re fast and agile. Your cost of change is near-zero, and you can easily jump where the real opportunities arise.

Suppose you’re at the end of a 1-year long project, but no one cares about it no matter what you try to do. You lost a whole year on that thing and now you need to wake up with bad news.

Consider instead if you worked that year on 26 2-weeks-long smaller projects, or 13 4-weeks-long projects. At the end of the year you threw a lot of things at the wall, and now you can see what sticks.

Nothing sticks? I don’t believe it. It’s your problem identifying why is that.

Pick what sticked and expand, drop the dead ends and go on.

That’s nature, only the best trees survive, only the best projects get to grow and prosper.

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